Catering Business in Muscat

Let us cater to the event of your Dreams... Romantic dinners, weddings, Parties, and More.


Established in 2012, the Dried Lemon is one of the leading culinary creators of food in the Sultanate of Oman. With our innovative designs and wide arrange of available styles, we can help create just about anything & offer your plat-lates and other senses a memorable experience.

Why The Dried Lemon? Well we wanted to incorporate something that the Sultanate of Oman is known for in the world of food.

So we took a simple dried lemon, also known in the culinary world as the black lemon (Loomi Omani) & infused it with our signature dishes. We approach our craft with care and artistry, and take pride in creating gourmet food, cakes & confections that are striking and beautiful from original recipes that are innovative and bold.

We believe that nothing is more disastrous than food that looks spectacular but tastes uninspired, we have committed ourselves to creating classic flavor profiles, and lovely textures for the food, cakes & confections of the Dried Lemon.

In striving to create food, cakes & confections that make our customers say “wow,” we continue to grow our business almost entirely through word of mouth. Our wonderful and loyal Loomies are our greatest evangelists, and are proud to be able to provide you with something worth sharing, and having a goal of creating decadent memories for our Loomies, by marrying together the most elemental ingredients to create food, cakes & confections that taste as beautiful as they look.

Welcome to the Dried Lemon